Is a Red Front Door the Right Door for You?

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Real Estate

I am obsessed with doors.  Somehow the simplest thing, a door, can say so much about a house.  This door for example.  Why is it red?  What does it mean? Is there a simple answer?  No.

One meaning comes from early American history for travelers who might be looking for an available place to stay.  A time gone past version of Airbnb so to speak. In order to minimize the number of doors a traveler would have to knock on, they could simply look for a red door and know they were welcome to stop and rest themselves and their horses. The traveler was welcome to stay. 

According to some interpretations of the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, where placement and color of objects is done mindfully in order to best create positive energy in a home, red can attract luck.  The red door in this philosophy signals the mouth of the home.  Some practitioners of Feng Shui explain that the door should be red to welcome positive energy into the home and only placed in the Northeast (or was that Northwest?) area of the home.

A third meaning could also apply to today's world.  It comes from Scotland, where a red door means you have paid off your debt on the home and own it free and clear.  If this is the case then there is definitely cause to celebrate every time you look at your front door!

Is a red front door the right door for you? Maybe so if you like to have friends stop by (beware they might have horses), your door faces Northwest (consult your official Feng Shui manual on this one), or you just paid off your mortgage. 

The last reason for a red door might be that you just like red, and that is as good a reason as any.